Finalists 2021

The Architecture Drawing Prize 2021

We are delighted to announce the shortlisted entries for this year's competition. The judges were impressed by the outstanding quality and variety of entries into  this year's awards. Please find the finalist exhibition below:

Digital Category Finalists

Winner: City in a box: paradox memories, Anton Markus Pasing, remote-controlled
The Recess 1,  Pasing Anton Markus
Here Everywhere: Orchard
Outlines of Nuclear Geography​, Sabina Blasiotti
Szczepaniak Astridge
Site[s] of Flux- Roaming Giant, Zachary Higson
The Treachery of Matter
The Treachery of Matter, Weiqaio Lin
The Elephant in the Room: The Sri Lankan British Town
The Promendae through Enfield Town, Sachini Jayasena


Hand-Drawn Category Finalists

Memories of the Last Tree
Memories of the Last Tree, Olivia O'Callaghan
Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives
Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives, Antonio Paoletti
Schaller Architectural Art
Treehouses Without Trees, Thomas Schaller

Hybrid Category Finalists

Tyler Lim
The Water Parliament – Bangkok City 2100, Tyler Lim
(Un)homeliness, Boji Hu
Flood-responsive landscape performance
Flood-responsive landscape performance, Dafni Filippa



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