Selection criteria


  • Technical skill 
  • Success in conveying a design idea, be it a general concept or a specific proposal
  • Originality of approach
  • Quality of drawing irrespective of the project it may represent (built, unbuilt or purely conceptual)
  • Extent to which the drawing makes a proposition about architecture, rather than simply recording it


Entries for 2021 are now open! Entry deadline extended: 1 October 2021

Drawings must have been completed over the past 18 months.


  1. Hand-drawing
  2. Hybrid
  3. Digital (must be a still image, not animated)

For the second year running we will also have a 'Lockdown Prize'. The prize will be awarded to any of the shortlisted drawings relating to the theme of lockdown due to the current global pandemic. Whether it be a drawing you completed during lockdown or a drawing relating to the changes that Covid-19 will bring to architecture. 

Prices held for 2021!
Standard: £165 (+VAT where applicable)
Students and under 30s: £20 (+VAT where applicable)

If you are under 30 or a student, we are delighted to continue to offer you a discounted rate on your entry. Simply choose the relevant student category on the enter now page and complete your submission.

This year, multiple entry discounts are also available! Enter the code STANDARDMULTI10 or STUDENTMULTI10 at the checkout when submitting three or more projects and save 10%.

Initial submissions should be sent digitally to World Architecture Festival using The Architecture Drawing Prize entry form. Candidates whose work is shortlisted will be responsible for providing their entries in exhibition-ready form (original if hand-drawn or hybrid with significant input from hand-drawing; for digital material in the form intended for display - either high quality print or digital file if intended to be seen on screen). Judging will take place in October and all entrants will be informed if they have been selected by early November.

Entries may not be submitted by individuals working for the same organisation as any of the judges.

The finalists are asked to kindly leave originals with The Architecture Drawing Prize team until February 2022 so that these can be exhibited at Sir John Soane’s Museum throughout January and February 2022.

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