Shortlist 2020-21

The Shortlist

Please find the full shortlist below:


Collective Tower Hong Kong by Misak Terzibasiyan, UArchitects

Tessellation of Multi-Dimensional Reading by Lee Cherng Yih Caleb Ong Formzero

Digital - Students

The Urban Exchange Platform - Farian Anwar/ Callum Birchall by Farian Anwar N/A

Outlines of Nuclear Geography by Sabina Blasiotti 

Nuclear Shinto Sanctuary Construction by Sabina Blasiotti 

Decontamination of Reactor 1 and 2 by Sabina Blasiotti 

Enfilade of Theatricality: Towards a Queer Domesticity by Bryan Ho, Architectural Association School of Architecture 

Site[s] of Flux - Roaming Giant by Zachary Higson Szczepaniak Astridge

The Treachery of Matter by Weiqiao Lin Syracuse

Holiday Inn Beirut by Anthony Youssef, Carleton University

The Promenade through Enfield Town by Sachini Jayasena, University of Greenwich

The new community by Xiaoqian Yao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  

Flood-responsive landscape performance by Dafni Filippa, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Beyond Kong by Yeu Ho Nam, The HK polytechnic university

Urban Sedimentology by Boji Hu Rogers Stirk, Harbour + Partners 

VERTI-CAN CITY by Haipng (Heffrence), Teow ALOT

Trans-Body Sistems by Diego Alonso Román González 

Afrorevivalism - The People's Palace No.8 by Osehikhueme Etomi, Adamson Associates Inc

Living with objects by Amin Zargar

Archival Strike by Lauren Morgan, University of Technology Sydney

The Complete Map of Capital Beijing (2D) by 2021 Beijing Visiting Critic Studio

The Salt Institute by Catriona Bisset and David Gan, The University of Melbourne

Hand drawn

Treehouses Without Trees by Thomas W Schaller

Imaginary Cityscape by Thomas W Schaller

The History of Tower by Sergei Tchoban, Voss Architekten GmbH

Green square by Sergei Tchoban, Voss Architekten GmbH

Totalitarianism #5 by Sergei Tchoban, Voss Architekten GmbH

Palazzo Massimo Alle Colonne by Shiyan Chen Bates, Masi Architects

Manchester Courtyards; a proposal for Ancoats by Rory Chisholm, Donald Insall Associates

Hand drawn - Students

Cannibalism City by Yafei Li, University of California, Berkeley

Lingotto Fiat Factory by Eldry John Infante, KJHP Architect

Memories of the Last Tree  by Olivia O'Callaghan, UCL

Container by Cheng wei Lee

Living Scenario #3 by Tiantian Lou Tiantian, Jeff and Friends

San Giorgio Maggiore by Minty Sainsbury 

Public Space Design-Based on Alice through the looking glass by Maryanne Johnson

Reimagining Piranesi’s Prisons by Wing Sze Kung

Ee_reimagining_piranesi.jpg1027 by Louis Yeh Harrow School

Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives - Storytelling for Architecture by Antonio Paoletti Mecanoo


alchemy_(dis)section by Michael Chapman epis0de

FutureWork by Sam Ki Fletcher, Priest Architects

White Horses I by Anton Markus Pasing, remote-controlled

Urban Sanctuary by Laurie Chetwood, Chetwoods

Hybrid - Students

Sanctuary of Disney's Unloved Childre by Xinze Seah, University College London

Wabi-Sabi by Cheng wei Lee

Architectural blueprint intertwined with fiction and reality by Cheng wei Lee

Jabberwocky by John Clayson, UCL

Smoked County Relish by Daniel Jansen Harianto Soegijapranata, Catholic University

Propulsive omnibus cluster of architectural dream logic by azouz manachou, University of Manitoba

The Great Wall of Kindness by Jess Yu, Plus Studio

The Counsellor by Sanne Mulder, Academy of Architecture

The Treachery of Matter by Weiqiao Lin, Syracuse University School of Architecture

The Water Parliament – Bangkok City 2100 by Tyler Lim, National University of Singapore

London Under by Dafni Filippa, The Bartlett School of Architecture

A Sacred Coalescence of Synthesis, Tectonics & Celebration by Ujjayant Bhattacharyya, AVANI INSTITUTE OF DESIGN

The Complete Map of Capital Beijing (diorama) by 2021 Beijing Visiting Critic Studio Syracuse University

Wymering Manor: material assemblages by Belinda Mitchell, University of Portsmouth

Pathfinder by Tristan Taylor Fletcher, Priest Architects

(Un)homeliness by Boji Hu Rogers Stirk, Harbour + Partners

Coalescence; Between Humans, Nature & Architecture by Kira Bennett, Arts University Bournemouth

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